Big News! Arriva il costume da bagno di POi BO

Big News! The POi BO swimsuit arrives

We present to you the latest arrival at POi BO, hold on tight because it is an exclusive that so many of you have requested!

Here is the Beachwear Bubbles swimsuit

Spring has finally arrived and the heat is returning, it's time to start thinking about beach holidays.

For this year POi BO presents an absolute novelty: the first POi BO Beachwear is called " Bubbles ", and it is the swimsuit that brings the good vibes!

Let's see the product in detail below.

POi BO Bubbles swimsuit

We officially launch the Beachwear section of POi BO, inaugurating the new spring/summer 2023 collection.

The POi BO swimsuit is super colorful and extravagant, in line with our philosophy.

We thought of a quick-drying , soft and very light material, to be worn at the seaside, in the pool, but also perfect for your moments of relaxation.

POi BO swim shorts will feel like a second skin and you will never want to take them off again!

Product features

The Bubbles Beachwear is a men's swimsuit, in technical fabric with POi BO print and branding. The name " Bubbles " recalls the many bubbles with the POi BO logo present on the costume.

Comfortable to wear, with adjustable elastic waist, and a comfortable integrated internal slip. Side pockets, back pocket with hook and loop closure, and internal front pocket.

You will also receive the costume bag included with the product.

Men's model , available in 5 colors : Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Grey and in all sizes from S to XL.

You can find all the photos of Beachwear Bubbles swimsuits on this page.

How to match the POi BO Bubbles swimsuit?

As always, those who wear POi BO dress the brightest color combinations with style. You won't go unnoticed, you will get noticed on the beach with the POi BO swimsuit and its vibes .

The colorful Bubbles are perfect with our 80s T-Shirts and Spread Smiles T-Shirts , and we anticipate that more news will arrive soon for the summer!

We remind you that the Bubbles swimsuit by POi BO is a limited edition , meaning that once stocks run out, it will not be available again.

Don't miss the opportunity and order the new Bubbles swimsuits here now, for a summer full of good vibes!

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