Our Story

POi BO.. is an expression, a way of saying, two simple words to communicate a simple philosophy.

Silvia and Alessandro created POi BO.. in January 2020 in Melbourne, when Australia was hit hard by fires, among the most violent in recent decades.

The project was born with the aim of involving the Italian community in response to the emergency, demonstrating the solidarity and power that humanity can have when it joins forces.

Community and positivity are the values ​​of POi BO.. a brand that wears smiles! Beyond all appearances, POi BO.. revolutionizes the idea of ​​a brand and becomes a real lifestyle, embracing a philosophy of positivity and good vibes .

POi BO.. brings together a community of creative, positive and courageous people who face every day with enthusiasm and carefreeness.

A vision of the world that guides the lives of Silvia and Alessandro. Silvia's international origins and education bring Alessandro's professional football career to global exposure – from the Italian Serie A, to the English Premier League, through the Super League in China and now the A-League in Australia.

Over the past 12 years, they have lived in 9 cities on 3 continents. A lifestyle that gives the family the privilege of meeting new people, learning their stories and appreciating different cultures in every part of the world.

The solidarity commitment of Silvia and Alessandro remains the fulcrum of POi BO.. who, by involving the community, continue to help and participate in social and humanitarian initiatives with the aim of always leaving a positive footprint.

Good Vibes Only
POi BO..