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Big news is coming to make our POi BO community even larger and more engaging!


What if we told you that you could officially become a POi BO brand Ambassador and earn a commission on every purchase that your friends make thanks to your word of mouth?!

We are excited to introduce you to the new POi BO Ambassador program which includes gifts we would like to give: to you to thank you for supporting our community, and to your friends to welcome them into our family.


Simply sign up by sending your application to become a POi BO Ambassador. Once approved by our team, you will receive a personalized affiliate link: every time someone purchases a POi BO item through your link they will receive a 5% discount . And the great thing is that you will receive 5% commission on every single order!

Obviously the program is open only to true mentalists who believe in the values ​​of POi BO and its mission. Word of mouth is only true if genuine.

So, are you one of us? Sign up for the program today , sharing vibes has never been so fun!


(Estimated time for the procedure: 5 minutes)

-          Access the program page by clicking here ;

-          Create your Shopify profile : you will receive an email to the address you indicated inviting you to verify your email address;

-          Access the newly created Shopify profile and send your application as Ambassador: enter the requested data and indicate at least one social account (so that it is possible for us to verify your identity);

-          If your application is approved, after careful evaluation by the POi BO team, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to access your profile: this will be your personal page where you can monitor your results and see your links and payments;

-          Everything's ready! You can start sharing your custom link and vibes!



  • Once you have logged in to your profile, you will find the menu on the left with access to the various sections .

    Below we will walk you through each of them.

  • Collabs

    In the Collabs section you can view the collaboration program with POi BO.

  • Collaboration Details

    Within the section it will be possible to view the details of the collaboration such as the percentage of profit on each order and the discount offered with your affiliate link.

  • Affiliate Products

    This section lists all the products on which you can earn a commission.

  • Affiliation Details

    By clicking on each product you will have an overview of your earnings for that item and the discount that those who purchase through your link will have. You can get your affiliate link by clicking on the green button, and send it to your friends or share it on your social channels!

  • Gifts

    In this section you will be able to view any gifts that the most mentalized will receive from POi BO upon reaching certain objectives.

  • Analytics

    In Analytics you will have a summary of the statistics : from the number of orders generated through your word of mouth, to your earning commissions.

  • Payouts

    In the Payouts section you will find the status of your payments by POi BO.

  • Settings

    In the Settings section you can change your profile settings .

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