Edizione Limitata! Felpa POPiness by Alino

Limited edition! POPiness sweatshirt by Alino

Due to great demand , the POPiness by Alino collection is finally here on our website, which includes sweatshirts customized, autographed, and hand-painted personally by Alessandro, in a super limited edition !

Signed POPiness sweatshirt collection

Those of you who participated in the summer stages of our POi BO.. 2022 Tour had already been able to see them live on display, and the few models available were sold out during the tour.

After receiving many messages of appreciation and requests, our artist Alino got back to work, giving vent to his imagination and creating a new artistic collection that is more colorful than ever.

Product Specifications

Each POPiness by Alino sweatshirt is based on the classic POi BO.. model in fleece cotton with hood and raglan sleeves.

The limited edition sweatshirts vary in color from light gray to black, feature the writing POi BO.. on the chest, are unisex , and available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL .

Being unique pieces, each POPiness Sweatshirt is available exclusively in the size described.

You can find all the photos of the POPiness by Alino collection on this page.

More than a sweatshirt, a unique collector's piece

In addition to the artistic and individual creation of each hand-painted product, each POPiness Sweatshirt features Alino Diamanti's autographed signature on the back, making it an exclusive and highly valuable edition.

A unique gift, collectible, to amaze and be amazed.

The POPiness sweatshirts are created by Alino in a moment of creativity and good vibes , don't miss them! Order now at this link!

Alino Diamanti POiBO sketched sweatshirt

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