Nuovo arrivo! Ecco i PB Socks di POi BO..

New arrival! Here are the PB Socks by POi BO..

We present to you the new PB Socks by POi BO..!

The POi BO.. Socks family is expanding and for this season the POi BO.. socks arrive with a brand new design.

Discover the new PB Socks

Here are the PB Socks with a new look: “POi BO..” logo and elegant double line pattern.

The PB Socks are available in 2 versions: rope color and black.
The sizes, S/M and M/L, correspond to 37-41 and 42-45 respectively.

socks POi BO socks

Product features

Let's see the technical characteristics of the product in detail.

PB Socks are made in Italy , made of complementary rope-colored or black yarn. The cotton blended material, soft elastic cotton, has a comfortable and enveloping fit.

socks THEN BO socks

Create your looks with POi BO socks..

Comfortable for sports but not only. With an essential and stylish line, they are ideal for giving the finishing touch to every look of the season without ever daring.

Perfect with the POi BO.. Shorts and with any type of shorts.

What are you waiting for? Order your POi BO.. Socks now at this link!

new socks POi BO socks

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