Spread Smiles Projects - Christmas with POi BO

Spread Smiles Projects - Christmas with POi BO

Christmas is the time of year when we gather with our family and closest friends to share smiles and happiness.

Unfortunately this is not always the case.

What should be a moment of joy and lightheartedness for everyone can sometimes become the most melancholy and sad.

The Christmas Boxes of POi BO..

This is why we at POi BO.. have decided to involve all of you, our Community, to give some good vibes to those who need it in a particular way this year.

With the Spread Smiles Projects - Christmas with POi BO initiative, we will personally deliver special Christmas Boxes directly to the homes of those who have experienced a somewhat difficult period in recent times, so that they can spend this Christmas with the virtual affection of a community by Smiles Spreaders.

Nominate a friend for a special Christmas

Do you have a loved one who needs a special thought this Christmas?

You can nominate a friend/acquaintance/relative to whom you would like the POi BO Christmas Box delivered..

Help us make a difference!

How to send the application?

For logistical reasons, our very personal Santa Claus helpers from POi BO.. will be active in 8 Italian cities: Turin, Milan, Brescia, Florence, Prato, Bologna, Palermo, Rome.

Send the application of the person you are thinking of by December 1, 2022 to our email address: digital@poibo.net

Don't forget to tell us his story and why you think he needs an extra smile this Christmas.
I recommend it must be a SURPRISE!

Thank you for your contribution, we are proud to have you in the POi BO.. Community!


Salve Angela,
non è un prodotto acquistabile ma si tratta di un’iniziativa di solidarietà: quest’inverno noi di POi BO regaleremo dei pacchetti regalo, chiamate Christmas Box, a chi ha bisogno di un pensiero speciale.

Un saluto e buone feste!
POi BO..


Buongiorno, mi piacerebbe sapere in che cosa consiste e quanto costa questo prodotto grazie

Angela Garagnani

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