Super novità: ecco la Collezione Donna POi BO™!

Super news: here is the POi BO™ Women's Collection!

Many of you have asked and requested it and above all many of you. Here's the news you've been waiting for: the first Women's Collection ever on POi BO™ is out!

What better time to reveal many new garments with a feminine cut and fit than the start of the autumn/winter season ?

We have created for you the following garments with the motto "Be Happy", in conjunction with the new men's winter collection 2023/2024: "Be Happy" Hoodie and Tracksuit in 3 colours, the classic "Spread Smiles" Women's T-Shirt finally with women's fit, and also the brand new "Be Happy" Women's Longsleeves with long sleeves.

Let's see the individual products in detail.

"Be Happy" Women's Hoodie Sweatshirt

Here is the new Women's Hoodie by POi BO in soft cotton fleece with maxi hood. A model with a "street" fit, even more relaxing and cool.

The "Be Happy" mantra is embossed in rubber , with additional logo detail on the back.

Designed specifically for the POi BO women's collection , new for the season, the "Be Happy" Women's Hoodie is available in 3 colours: Rose, Bone, Black .

You can find all the photos of the Women's Hoodie on this page .

"Be Happy" Women's Tracksuit

The "Be Happy" Women's Tracksuit by POi BO also comes in a women's cut to bring you comfort and softness.

The women's tracksuit trousers have a comfortable fit, with elastic waist, cuffs, two front pockets and one back pocket.

It features the mantra "Be Happy" in rubberized relief, and is available in the same 3 colors as the Women's Sweatshirt: Rose, Bone, Black.
Perfect to combine with the new ones Women's sweatshirts for a POi BO™ total look !

You can find all the photos of the "Be Happy" Women's Tracksuit here.

"Spread Smiles" Women's T-Shirt

The Women's T-Shirt It's the first POi BO t-shirt in a female version !

This is our classic and most loved piece, with the motto "Spread Smiles & Positive Vibes".

100% cotton of excellent quality , the "Spread Smiles" Women's T-Shirt is available in the two shades Natural and Black.

You can find photos of the POi BO Women's T-Shirts at this link .

Longsleeves Women "Be Happy"

Finally, the latest innovation is the "Be Happy" Women's Longsleeves , the first long-sleeved t-shirt on POi BO, created in both women's and men's versions.

The Longsleeves is officially the first long-sleeved shirt that puts a smile on your face! With a soft fit , short cut and mock neckline, it features the "Be Happy" mantra in rubberized relief on the back.

Find photos of the "Be Happy" Women's Longsleeves here .

Create your own total look THEN BO by combining the Sweatshirt and the Women's Tracksuit , both in alternating colors and in one color, and complete the outfit with the Spread Smiles T-Shirts or the new Longsleeves designed for winter!

Fill up on good vibes and order the new products from the POi BO™ Donna collection now at this link!

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