Tour POi BO.. - Collezione POPiness by Alino

Tour POi BO.. - POPiness Collection by Alino

The Tour will mainly be an opportunity to meet and share the positivity and vibes that our community has in common.

But not only.
We also wanted to include another unique opportunity in this special event: exclusively for these 3 evenings, you will have access to the POPiness by Alino collection.

Not simple sweatshirts or t-shirts, but real autographed forms of art to keep forever. During the Tour events it will be possible to order the very limited unique pieces , hand-painted in a moment of creativity by Alino Diamanti.

Items created as an artistic expression for a street-cool look that could be yours! You can't miss it!
If you haven't gotten your tickets for the evenings yet, you can do so by clicking here before the events are sold-out.

Do you want more information about the 3 evenings? Find all the information here .

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