Vi presentiamo la Water Bottle firmata POi BO..

We present the Water Bottle signed POi BO..

We are proud to present our Water Bottle , the new bottle thermal of POi BO.., with which we aim to spread smiles and leave a positive impact on the environment at the same time.

Here is the Thermal Water Bottle from POi BO..

The Water Bottle is a portable thermal bottle that will allow you to always have a hot drink or cold water at hand, without needing to purchase hundreds of plastic bottles or disposable glasses.

Product features

To offer you a quality product that lasts over time, the POi BO.. Water Bottle is made of scratch-resistant stainless steel . It has a capacity of 600 ml and you will receive it in an eco-friendly and reusable packaging.

The double-layer insulation of the bottle and its leak-proof airtight cap allow you to store hot drinks for up to 12 hours and cold drinks for over 12 hours.

The bottle features a laser engraving with the POi BO.. logo and the mantra "Spread Smiles & Positive Vibes" on the back.

The Water Bottle is available in 7 colors: Black, Fuxia, White, Turquoise, Coal, Rose, Sky.

Why you should have the POi BO Water Bottle..

Here are 3 reasons that will convince you:

1. Limiting the use of plastic bottles by choosing a reusable bottle is a small gesture within everyone's reach that can make a big difference, helping to reduce our ecological footprint.

2. Because the POi BO.. Water Bottle is a quality , eco-friendly product, designed to last a long time, and designed to spread good vibes even when you drink, thanks to its design and its bright colours.

3. To always be hydrated and remember to drink lots of water every day, which contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Trust me, you will no longer be able to help but leave the house with your POi BO Water Bottle..!

Order your Water Bottle now at this link!

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