POi BO x ESO ES - Organizzazione di volontariato in Guatemala

POi BO x ESO ES - Volunteer organization in Guatemala

As we have said earlier in our article POi BO..'s projects: solidarity, help and smiles for all , POi BO.. continues to engage in charity initiatives to involve the community while remaining faithful to the brand's mantra, Spread Smiles & Positive Vibes.

The last project in chronological order is in support of the ESO ES OdV association, which we tell you more about in this article.

Eso Es - Volunteer Organization

The association Eso Es OdV (Volunteer Organization) deals with international solidarity and clown therapy.

!Eso es! is the Spanish expression meaning "just that" "that's how it is!"

Born thanks to the passion of a group of volunteers with experience in the field of clown therapy in hospital wards, Eso Es has expanded over the years by turning its attention to humanitarian missions abroad, in particular in Guatemala , country in Central America.

The organization focuses specifically on supporting the right to education .
At the basis of philosophy of Eso Es there is the principle according to which the only way to change things in a complicated country like Guatemala is to give children the training necessary to build a better future.

Despite the logistical, economic difficulties (Eso Es can only exist thanks to donations ), and of the historical period of the pandemic, over the years the volunteers have continued with determination to carry out their work, going so far as to promote and finance a program of scholarships in Guatemala.

Furthermore, Eso Es aims to implement social solidarity projects and carry out humanitarian initiatives with the OpeGuate clown therapy mission, which also trains missionary volunteers.

Among the activities of Eso Es there are, in addition to clown therapy, recreational and socio-theatrical entertainment , with real artistic shows created by volunteers, thanks to which funds are raised to support the association's cause. Read more here.

This is Guatemala

The Scholarship Project in Guatemala

But let's go back to the scholarships , the real focus of the collaboration between POi BO.. and Eso Es.

The Eso Es "Scholarship Project" allows deserving children belonging to families in difficulty in the department of Chimaltenango, in central Guatemala, to have access to education.

In Guatemala, approximately 8% of children are unable to enroll in school, especially in rural areas of the country. This contributes to the high rate of illiteracy affecting 3 million people, most of whom live in poor rural areas.

guatemala children

Eso Es works to raise funds to cover the expenses necessary to face the school year for a student in Guatemala.

This allows the association's on-site representatives to pay the registration and taxes and purchase i school materials , included the uniform and the shoes necessary. At the end of the year Eso Es checks the progress of the student and guarantees the possible continuity of the scholarship.

The Eso Es volunteers themselves have personally traveled to Guatemala several times to get to know the children of Chimaltenango and commit themselves even more deeply to giving a concrete hand, with entertainment shows, purchase of basic necessities, and support for everyone's life the days of Guatemalan children and families.

The project is constantly growing, in 2017 the first student to benefit from scholarships through Eso Es completed her studies, obtaining the diploma, an exceptional achievement in the young history of the association.

In 2022, 27 scholarships were awarded by Eso Es OdV to the children of Guatemala.

eso es guatemala school scholarship

THEN BO.. with Eso Es

As you may have guessed by reading this far, THEN BO is proud to embrace the cause of Eso Es , a project that shares with the brand the ultimate aim of bringing smiles and solidarity to everyone, and in particular to those who need it most in less fortunate areas in Italy and around the world.

Just scroll through the photo galleries on the website Eso Es OdV to see hundreds of smiles from Guatemalan children, who often have little or nothing but despite this, thanks to Eso Es, now have one more reason to smile and hope for a better future.

Between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, POiBO.. will undertake to collect and donate to Eso Es the sum necessary to purchase scholarships necessary to cover the school education of a deserving student from Chimaltenango in Guatemala, who will thus have the opportunity to complete 6 years of primary school and get a decent basic education.

This is the minimum objective of POi BO.., but we are confident that we can go even beyond expectations and give even more surprises to the children supported by Eso Es.

eso es guatemala poi bo

How can you participate?

In line with past projects, POi BO.. will donate part of its revenues until the end of the year to Eso Es.

So, making a purchase from the POi BO.. website you will automatically contribute to the Eso Es cause.

Then POi BO.. will gradually update you on the association's field work with Guatemalan students, sharing with you stories and posts on social channels.

Speaking of field work, the historical members of the association, after two difficult years of video calls online due to the pandemic, they will finally return to Guatemala in the spring of 2023 , going to meet again the students benefiting from the scholarships, and to renew their unconditional devotion to the cause.

We can't wait to see the joy of the children of Guatemala when they meet the Eso Es volunteers and receive the scholarships!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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