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For those of you who have been following POi BO.. since the beginning, you will remember how it all began in January 2020 , when Australia was hit by one of the most devastating fire seasons ever.

How was POi BO.. born?

POi BO.. was born spontaneously to involve the Italian community and provide concrete help in response to the bushfire emergency in Australia .
Read the rest of our story at this link.

Since then, the ultimate goal of POi BO.. has never changed: to leave a positive impact , involving the community and demonstrating the enormous potential that can be achieved by joining forces.

Over the years there have been many initiatives to which POi BO.. has contributed, let's see them together:

Wildlife Victoria Organization - Australia

As previously mentioned, the first major emergency that pushed Alessandro and Silvia to get involved was the fire crisis in Australia which culminated in January 2020.

Over 1.5 million hectares burned in those months, with devastating consequences both for nature and for the residents who were evacuated.

THEN BO.. committed himself to raising funds with the contribution and solidarity of the Italian community, making an important donation to Wildlife Victoria .
The organization works to protect nature and rescue wildlife in the Australian state of Victoria, whose capital is Melbourne .

Koala victoria wildlife org

Lebanon Explosion Relief - Lebanon

Following the huge explosion that occurred at the Port of Beirut, capital of Lebanon , on August 4, 2020, POi BO.. donated part of its proceeds to the UNICEF cause in response to the Port of Beirut explosions .

In particular, the funds were useful for supporting hospital care for the children involved, and rehabilitating essential services such as water infrastructure and health services and for the education of minors.

Christmas Boxes - Australia&New Zealand

POi BO.. participates every year in the Christmas Box project, which gives away boxes of food to the neediest families in Australia and New Zealand. The association donates 100% of donations to purchase, package and deliver food every year by Christmas.

Last year POi BO.. contributed both by providing boxes of food and by personally participating in Packing Day, together with hundreds of volunteers who come together to prepare the boxes to give as Christmas gifts.

Christmas Box Australia

Axel's House - Italy

In the summer of 2021, POi BO.. has chosen to carry out an awareness campaign on the topic of animal abandonment, a phenomenon that sadly happens very often in the summer.

Part of the proceeds from the sales of the Spread Smiles POi BO.. bracelets was donated to La Casa di Axel , an association that takes care of abandoned dogs , cures them, and finds them a new family.

Donation to children in southern Taiwan

The POi BO.. community responded again at the end of 2021.
In particular, those who purchased one of the hand-painted sweatshirts, made in a limited edition and personally customized by Alessandro, contributed to bringing a smile to many children in Taiwan , Asia.

Through the donation from POi BO.., primary goods were purchased for the children of a school in a remote area of ​​the country. Here many children cannot even go to school if they do not have suitable shoes, having to walk for long distances in the mountainous areas of southern Taiwan.

Thanks to the community's support, the children received shoes to face the daily commute to school.

The Shape of Autism - Italy

In December 2021 POi BO.. collaborated with The Shape of Autism , to give visibility to the project of Flavia, Linda and Chiara, 3 mothers of autistic children .

Pictures are worth a thousand words: fill up on positivity, good vibes , kindness and joy by watching the Reel video created by POi BO.. with The Shape of Autism.

Italian Red Cross for Ukraine

Following the Russian invasion and the outbreak of war in Ukraine , POi BO.. contributed to donating part of the proceeds for the month of March 2022 to the Italian Red Cross .

Between lack of food and water, at least 18 million people need humanitarian assistance in conflict zones.
The CRI supports the Ukrainian Emergency to respond to the enormous needs that the Red Cross volunteers are relentlessly responding to.

On the Way with Nectar - Italy

In May 2022 POi BO.. met Nèttare, Martina's project to support the Pediatric Neurosurgery department of the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin .

One of Nèttare 's initiatives is "On the Same Road", a walk in which you follow an itinerary of your choice among those proposed along the river Po, and you participate with a donation to support the project.

POi BO Tour 2022 - Italy

Summer 2022 saw the first euphoric Tour , where Silvia and Alessandro met the Italian community of POi BO.. in the evenings of Brescia , Cerreto Guidi and Riccione .

A mega event made possible by the support of friends and sponsors of POi BO.. who continue to support each other and face life with the open and positive mentality that distinguishes the brand.

POiBO Diamond Tour Brescia

Spread Smiles Projects - Christmas with POi BO

With the Spread Smiles Projects - Christmas with POi BO initiative designed for the arrival of Christmas 2022, POi BO has committed to personally delivering special Christmas Boxes directly to the homes of those who have experienced a somewhat difficult period, so that they can spend Christmas with the virtual affection of a community of Smiles Spreaders.

Thanks to the help of several Santa Claus helpers from POi BO, the Christmas Boxes were delivered in 8 Italian cities: Turin, Milan, Brescia, Florence, Prato, Bologna, Palermo, Rome.

Here is the video of the Christmas Box deliveries:

Flood Faenza - Italy

In May 2023, the city of Faenza and many other places in Emilia Romagna were hit by heavy rains which caused disasters and devastating floods .

THEN BO, which has always been linked to the region in which friends and family live and have lived, decided to donate the proceeds of the following week to the Municipality of Faenza , to support part of the huge rescue and emergency costs due to the flood.

THEN BO Party 2023

In 2023 the summer appointment with the hottest and most mentalized followers of the POi BO community was renewed.

The summer party took place at the Beach Club Versilia, where once again POi BO's friends flocked in their hundreds for an evening of shows, music and party, in the name of good vibes .

THEN BO Party Party

Bad weather crisis in Prato - Italy

As for Faenza, another meteorological crisis also hit the province of Prato in Tuscany, Alino Diamanti's hometown, with a frightening flash flood never seen before in the province.

THEN BO allocated part of the proceeds to the Municipality of Prato to deal with the crisis in the days following the wave of bad weather.

Christmas with POi BO 2023 

The good news has finally returned with the arrival of Christmas in December 2023.

The POi BO project, along the lines of that of the previous year, wanted to collect the most touching stories sent by the community . The POi BO Team selected 10 boys and girls who received the Christmas Box designed to spend a Christmas in peace and full of smiles.

ESO ES OdV - Guatemala

Starting in the fall of 2022, POi BO commits annually to cover the entire 6-year education of a primary school child in Guatemala .

Through the ESO ES Volunteer Organization which works to support children in Guatemala, the objective is to reward the most deserving children by guaranteeing a scholarship that can help students complete their school cycle.

POi BO is proud to support the immense activity of ESO ES volunteers , which you can read more about at this link .

Coming soon...

POi BO..'s commitment does not end here, new projects and ideas are cooking and will arrive soon to continue spreading solidarity and smiles around the world.

See you soon!


Bravissimo Nicola, hai capito perfettamente la nostra filosofia!
Grazie per aver letto e per il tuo commento ✌️
POi BO..


Penso solo che vivere e promuovere questo tipo di filosofia, sia la chiave per una vita vera e senza bad vibes. Grazie a tutti voi da un ragazzo romagnolo che ha anche capito che in Australia quelle vibes li, sono piú chiara da trovare🇦🇺❤😁

Nicola Santoni

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